Purchase Responsibly

Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) of Winnipeg

The Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) is a project of LITE. The SPP is a network and directory highlighting businesses, co-ops and social enterprises committed to local Community Economic Development in Winnipeg. The project’s partners promote business and purchasing which benefits the community, the local economy and the environment, including hiring people who face barriers to employment.

Purchaser partners such as corporate business bodies, government departments, non-profits, and the general public, have the chance to add social value to their buying power by purchasing regularly required goods & services from local businesses.

Suppliers such as small locally owned businesses, social enterprises, and co-ops, have the chance to grow their business and profile, and in turn offer secure jobs to those who may face barriers to employment.

Click here to download SPP’s Shopping Directory.

30 Second Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) Video from LITE on Vimeo.

The Social Purchasing Portal includes:

*A fantastic simple to use website created by local web designers

*An expanded list of goods & services available locally

*The addition of a new element for the general public which will allow for easy access to a social purchasing directory of suppliers

*A strong emphasis on relationship-building between all partners

*And of course…much more!

Interested in signing on as a purchaser partner? A supplier? Both? Want more info about the SPP and the power of Community Economic Development (CED) in Winnipeg?

Contact Josh, SPP Coordinator at 942-8578 or info@sppwinnipeg.org
 Check out the SPP website at www.sppwinnipeg.org