Toward Wicozani

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Wicozani is a Dakota word meaning “healthy community.”

Thanks to you, we recently bought ten star blankets crafted by three indigenous women. Because of you, we will give blankets to community organizations so they can use them in their fundraising.

We seek to create wicozani by highlighting the role star blankets have in creating income for the blanket-makers.  We seek to create wicozani by helping organizations meet their funding needs to deliver their programs.

We can’t do this work without you.  Please give your most generous gift today to create a healthy community.

Invest + Employ + Indigenous

Action 7 of the Truth and Reconciliation’s calls to action speaks to the need to eliminate gaps in education and employment between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.

All Canadians can be a part of closing the jobs and income gap by supporting Indigenous co-workers and staff, and by using Indigenous-owned businesses.

Our purchase of star blankets, made possible with your gifts, supports the livelihood of the women that made them. Buying from small businesses headed by local indigenous women is one way of building a healthy community.

Your gifts to LITE hire people who, for a variety of reasons, have trouble finding a job.  Thanks to you, we estimate that two-thirds of people hired through LITE are Indigenous people. Because of you, we are moving toward a healthy community where everyone has a role in creating jobs and welcoming workplaces.

We need your help to create a healthy community. Please give today.

Thanks to you, $3,000 turns into $30,000

To move toward wicozani we help recipients of the gift of star blankets learn about the significance of the blankets in indigenous and Dakota communities, encourage recipients to engage with a Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to action and to be inspired to fundraise in ways that respect the meaning of their blanket.

Thanks to you, we invested $3,000 in buying the star blankets. We expect community organization can raise $3,000 each. In total, your investment will raise $30,000 for ten organizations.  And we couldn’t do it without you.

A healthy community is one where community organizations have enough money to buy supplies and food for the people needing their services and programs. So thank you for your support.

We need your help to keep creating jobs. Your donation will hire someone in Winnipeg’s inner city in a life-changing job. Please give your most generous gift today.