LITE (Local Investment Toward Employment) is happy to announce that the Foundation’s cumulative disbursements to support training and employment opportunities in the inner city of Winnipeg now total $1.5 million. This has translated to assisting more than 2500 employment and training opportunities!

CED Grant Program

We offer grants to selected local non-profit initiatives who are working to establish sustainable employment in their community. In particular, we select initiatives that train residents in employable skills and offer them their first jobs. Instead of just connecting people to jobs, our partners give people hands-on training and work experience. This support is essential for long-term employment. Gaining employment not only strengthens an individual, a family, and a community in economic terms, but it is also key to the dignity and responsibility that are the hallmarks of a strong community.

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Alternative Christmas Hamper Program

We make purchases of Christmas hampers from inner city businesses and social enterprises. This program provides families in need with groceries for the Christmas season. But we do this in such a way that the hampers do not rob locally-owned businesses of their Christmas customers. Rather, we buy from them. In this way these businesses employing inner city residents can continue in their long-term role of serving their communities. Some of the other benefits that come with local businesses include affordable, accessible products, high quality service, community stability, opportunities for employment, and key role models for youth.

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Star Blanket Project

Every fall, LITE purchases beautiful star blankets from local aboriginal businesses & co-operatives to donate to charities that focus on poverty reduction in Winnipeg. These organizations then use the blankets to raise funds for the work they do in our community. The project is a wonderful way for LITE to support local businesses while helping non-profit organizations with their fundraising initiatives.

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Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) of Winnipeg

In 2010, LITE adopted the renewal of the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP), a project aimed at supporting employment through encouraging socially responsible purchasing from small locally owned businesses.

Using a website portal, the SPP connects purchasers with ethically minded and unique local businesses, social enterprises and co-operatives. Purchasers commit to redirecting their buying habits by supporting SPP suppliers who are committed to providing opportunities to people who face multiple barriers to employment.

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