Annual Report

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2015-16 Annual Report Summary

It has been another busy year at LITE. Board and staff have worked diligently to grow our donations and the last two years are our highest donation years to date. We have changed the timing to our grant programs, set our sights on long term development and explored more sustainable funding models to ensure that our mission of poverty alleviation through employment continues to resonate.

Four large fundraising activities were held during the year, including our traditional Wild Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and our newly ‘re-branded’ Gala, now called LITE up the NITE. These events showcase LITE’s work and demonstrate community economic development in action. LITE also participated in the Winnipeg Foundation’s first ever Fast Pitch event, where Anne Lindsey successfully described LITE in all its beauty and complexity in 3 minutes, receiving 2nd place for her efforts.

Our Alternative Hamper Campaign continues to be a success supporting families in need and creating job opportunities for our partner organizations. Our strategic purchases meant that 75 work positions were supported, while 1600 inner city residents received hampers over the holidays.

LITE was also able to invest just over $4,500 to CreeAtions Artists Showcase, and our new partner Manitoba Buckskin. They were the makers of the 12 Star Blankets that we purchased and donated to local organizations for their fundraising efforts.

LITE made a slight change to our Grants Disbursements last year, as our Grants will now all be given out in the month of June. In March, five agencies received grants for 2015 which were profiled in the 2014/2015 Annual Report and in June five more were awarded at LITE’s AGM and the launch of our touring photo exhibit, LITE Reduces Poverty. One Job at a Time, with photos taken by Chris Friesen. The exhibit toured around Winnipeg from June to September 2015 and featured framed photos with corresponding biographies from program participants of LITE-funded CED projects.

2015/2016 was a year of transition for the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP). SPP Coordinator Erika Frey moved on to new opportunities and was replaced by Josh Derbecker. The Supplier directory also saw some new faces. The SPP now has an office supplier, Brock’s Office and we were just as excited to have them as they were to join! Fools & Horses Coffee, which is not just a coffee shop but a new community meeting place and huge achiever in the area of waste reduction, also joined the SPP.

Thank you to our hardworking staff, committed Board members and volunteers, and to everyone – from the biggest to the smallest donor – who has supported LITE in the past year. You are all helping to make our inner city a better place!

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