Grant Partners

NorWest Co-op Community Health – Working with Children:  Education, Experience, Employment**

Nor'West 3


NorWest Co-op Community Health’s Working with Children:  Education, Experience, Employment Program offers the Red River accredited child care course Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education to 20 participants who are either newcomers to Canada or long-time residents who have been out of the work force for a period of time. The program also supports participants as they seek out employment in a daycare. Following the course, all participants are invited to become a part of the NorWest Child Minders list which provides them with opportunities for paid child minding work so they have some income, and gain work experience and references.

NorWest Co-op Community Health Website

Food Matters Manitoba – Cooking Class Facilitators*

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Food Matters Manitoba (FMM) runs several after-school cooking programs in partnership with other youth serving agencies in the North End targeted at youth aged 7-17. The goal is to provide the youth with the skills, knowledge and tools to cook and prepare healthy foods while also developing independent living skills. In addition to skills building, FMM is also equipping community members with the skills needed to become cooking class facilitators this creates a job opportunity, and increases both the capacity of the program and the number of participants.

Food Matters Manitoba Website

Winnipeg Inner City Missions – First Steps to Employment Project


The First Steps to Employment project works with 30-50 year olds who have been chronically unemployed or underemployed and who live in Winnipeg Inner City Missions’ transitional/supportive housing complex. The project employs two on-site social workers who work collaboratively with participants to create their individual path for success while addressing employment barriers ranging from mental and emotional health issues, addiction, lack of education and years in poverty. As a means to instill structure and accountability, the participants are partially responsible for the maintenance of the building. Each one completes six hours a week of odd jobs including caretaking duties, painting apartments between residents, yard work, minor maintenance and repairs, and Place of Hope reception desk duties.

Winnipeg Inner City Missions Website

Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin (OPK) – Interim Income*



OPK works with inner city Aboriginal youth who have been in conflict with the law. Many of these individuals come to OPK looking for assistance with finding employment for the first time in their lives. Often they have just been released from an institution without much more than the clothes on their backs. LITE’s funding is used to assist these men with an interim income.  OPK’s facilitator finds volunteer opportunities and accompanies participants at job sites while they develop appropriate communication skills, learn to accept direction from people in positions of authority and assist with maintaining a safe work environment.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) – Newcomer Skills Building Program

Hassan -IRCOM


The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) will continue their successful skills building program for new Canadians. This year they will double their capacity and hire 2 groups of 6 tenants to carry out a range of building repairs on the Ellen St. IRCOM building. Repair skills will be developed through on the job training in carpentry, paint and patch and basic plumbing. This program allows newcomers to Manitoba an opportunity to earn extra income while simultaneously gaining hands-on training, and on a schedule that can accommodate family and school hours. This in turn aids in increasing their work experience in a Canadian environment, as well as building up language and leadership skills and overall confidence to gain long-term employment in Manitoba.

IRCOM Website

North End Women’s Centre – Up Shoppe Emergency Wages**



The North End Women’s Centre operates a thrift store and social enterprise called the Up Shoppe where proceeds go back into the organization’s operating budget. The Up Shoppe hosts the Emergency Wages Program, an employment opportunity for women working towards gaining economic independence. The participants are employed at the store and acquire skills in customer service, retail and time management as well as earning funds to pay off a debt which prevents them from independent living. The program is targeted at women facing multiple barriers to employment and is an opportunity to increase self-reliance, confidence and self-esteem.

The North End Women’s Centre Website

Spence Neighbourhood Association – First Jobs for Youth Crew*



The Youth Crew Project will continue to provide inner-city youth ages 11-16 with a safe, nurturing environment in which to develop pre-employment training and hands-on work experience. Participating youth gain experience in a number of employment areas including construction, the hospitality industry, office administration, and community maintenance projects. These opportunities help reduce barriers to employment, provide a positive alternative to risky activities including gang involvement, build confidence levels, and create community connections, helping prepare youth for their future employment endeavours.

Spence Neighbourhood Association – Youth Crew website

West Broadway Community Organization – Farmers’ Market to Labour Market

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The Good Food Club Farmers’ Market to Labour Market project offers training and transitional job opportunities to inner-city adults with barriers to finding and keeping employment. Now in its 15th year, the Good Food Club is one of West Broadway Community Organizations most effective programs; providing access to healthy foods, volunteer opportunities and relationship building for hundreds of vulnerable and marginalized community members each year.

Good Food Club website

Wolseley Family Place – Food Connections**

Woseley Family Place


Food Connections is a supported employment program which facilitates education about nutrition by delivering food related services. 8 to 10 contract workers (mostly low income single moms) develop kitchen and catering skills and certifications while learning about nutrition, budgeting and food security. The program is geared toward further education and full-time employment based on the preference of the participant – the goal is to gain independence, and to become self-sufficient and financially stable.

Wolseley Family Place – Food Connections

West End Commons – Tenant Employment and Training Project

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WestEnd Commons is a multi-use facility that includes a Neighbourhood Resource Centre, space for faith communities and affordable/social housing for families. They employ tenants on a casual basis to work on various building projects; security, custodial and hosting groups for weekend events in their basement rental space. Most WestEnd Commons tenants are newcomers or Indigenous, and most are low-income, receiving EIA, working low-wage casual jobs or going to school. The extra income earned through this initiative is a great way to supplement their income and learn new skills.

WestEnd Commons website

WRENCH – UpCycle Community Bike Builders



The WRENCH’s UpCycle program provides unemployed/underemployed community bike shop volunteers with paid training and work experience, marketable skills and holistic support while generating revenue for the WRENCH and providing the public with accessible high quality bicycles and bike services. UpCycle targets members of marginalized groups living below the poverty line. Participants are primarily inner city residents and most are Aboriginal; other targeted groups include ex-offenders, newcomers, women and members of the LGBTQ community.

The WRENCH Website

* Project working only with children and youth
** Project with direct benefits to children and youth