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2017 Grants

LITE funds initiatives that directly create jobs, or leverage new jobs, and that include skill development for inner city residents who are unemployed or underemployed. Individuals participating in these initiatives face multiple barriers to full employment (for example, at-risk youth, single mothers, ex-offenders, etc).

We divide our funding between Purchases (mostly of Christmas hamper goods) from inner-city co-ops and social enterprises (about 50%), and Grants to charitable initiatives (about 50%).

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to receive funding from LITE your organization must be:

  1. a) Based in Winnipeg
  2. b) A registered charity with a charitable number.

Our disbursement criteria ensure that we pursue our mission “to promote community economic development by supporting inner-city initiatives in Winnipeg that build capacity and provide jobs.

Selection Criteria:

We choose our recipients based on the following criteria:

  1. How well the project fits with LITE’s mission statement and the guiding principles of Community Economic Development (CED)
  2. How much the project contributes towards directly creating jobs, leveraging new jobs (such as through funding a coordinator position), or funds job-skill development. What we don’t fund are things like tools, supplies, and other capital.
  3. How strongly the project creates sustainable and long-term employment.
  4. How well the project addresses multiple barriers to employment.
  5. How sustainable the project would be without LITE funding.

Is your organization in need of funding? Download the application below.

CED Grant Application Form 2017(Deadline: April 10, 2017 – Grants)

Download a Project Budget template (for CED Grant Applications)

If you are already a LITE partner, do you need to report on previous funding?

Download the reporting form for 2016 grants to report on funding received in 2016 (Deadline: March 17, 2017).

Do you have questions about applying or reporting? If so, please contact us.

Toward Wicozani – LITE’s 2017 star blanket project

Local Investment Toward Employment’s (LITE) star blanket project is designed to support community economic development in Winnipeg’s inner city through the purchase of star blankets and assist partnering community organizations to raise much-needed funds for their programs.  The star blankets are locally created and provide a source of income for local indigenous businesses and artisans in Winnipeg’s inner city. To this end, LITE’s star blanket project has found much success.

Star blankets carry significant meaning within indigenous communities. To receive a star blanket is considered an honour, medicine, and a recognition of generosity and accomplishment.

Toward Wicozani is a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action. Wicozani is a Dakota word meaning “a healthy community”. With Toward Wicozani, we encourage community organizations to engage in a conversation and/or concrete action around one or more TRC Calls to Action with their supporters, using the star blanket for inspiration, a starting point, and a learning and story-telling opportunity.

Responding to the TRC, LITE has identified areas where support for indigenous economic success and dignity –through our strategic purchases – could be amplified so that indigenous-led businesses in Winnipeg’s inner city are further promoted, and the significance of the goods or services offered by indigenous businesses be recognized as culturally significant where appropriate.

Additionally, LITE aims to strengthen the support provided to community organizations in their fundraising efforts. This goal emerges from conversations within the community, many who report having little time to engage in fundraising, our own analysis of past blanket fundraising results, and the further development of LITE’s fundraising knowledge. To this end, LITE will provide a workshop development session with recipients to plan and develop a fundraising activity.

Community organizations wishing to receive a star blanket should be excited to engage staff and supporters with one or more of the TRC Calls to Action, be able to dedicate some staff time to the project, and be looking for better ways to increase donor support of their work

Eligibility criteria

  • Be able to demonstrate support for Community Economic Development (CED) principles (list of CED principles are at the end of the application)
  • Have as a main organizational activity the provision of services/supports to people living on a low income
  • Be a registered Canadian charity

For 2017’s star blanket, you must also be interested in:

  • Participating in the project launch and learning / sharing session to develop a star blanket-inspired TRC call-to-action fundraising endeavor (Approx. 3-4 hours)
  • Agree to create a star-blanket conversation within your organization and with your community of supporters (Approx. 5-15 hours)
  • Create a simple fundraising budget and plan with a goal to raise $3,000
  • Report your learning(s) and action, and the amount of money raised (Approx. 1 hour)

What we ask in return:

  • Sign a gift agreement prior to receiving the star blanket. The agreement will stipulate how to recognize LITE’s contribution, confirm your participation at the development workshop, develop a brief fundraising template – don’t worry, we’ll provide it! – and create your Toward Wicozani activity.
  • After you complete your fundraising activity, send us a brief report by August 30, 2017. (We will send you a reporting form in April 2017.)
  • Use your star blanket in a meaningful way: for example, as a gift to a long-serving volunteer or as part of a draw of people who participate in your star blanket activity.
  • Although we discourage using your star blanket for a raffle, should your organization go this route, you must comply with municipal licensing regulations when holding your fundraiser. Community raffle applications may be obtained from the Liquour and Gaming Authority of Manitoba at

We are no longer accepting applications for Toward Wicozani