Purchase Partners

Neechi Foods Worker Co-operative**

Neechi Foods Co-op-group

Christmas hamper food purchase – $37,500

Neechi Foods Worker Co-op runs a Community Store and Neechi Commons – full-range grocery stores and specialty shop in Winnipeg’s inner city. Neechi provides employment, training and opportunities for collective business ownership to inner city residents. LITE purchased the grocery items for our Alternative Hamper program from Neechi.

Neechi Co-op website

Youth Crew- Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA)*

SNA Youth Crew

Christmas hamper cookie purchase – $766

The Spence Neighbourhood Association supports youth with casual job opportunities, pre-employment training and hands-on work experience. One of these opportunities is a catering program that teaches youth the required skills and knowledge around food preparation. LITE supports SNA’s Youth Crew project by purchasing cookies for our Alternative Christmas Hampers.

SNA Website

Food Connections Program – Wolseley Family Place**

Wolseley Family Place_Food_Connections_2015

Christmas hamper cookie purchase $2,300

Food Connections is a social enterprise and pre-employment program which provides hands-on training in the hospitality industry. Project participants operate a community store, cooking class, breakfast program and catering business. The Food Connections Project provides supported employment to single parent mothers who participate in Wolseley Family Place. LITE supports Food Connections through its purchases of cookies for the Alternative Christmas Hampers.

Wolseley Family Place website

Native Women’s Transition Centre**

Christmas hamper cookie purchase – $2,500

The Native Women’s Transition Centre is a long-term safe home for Native women and children. The centre’s catering service provides employment and training to 23 women who live at the centre. Training includes preparing budgets, purchasing, food safety and handling and cooking. LITE supports NWTC by purchasing an annual order of baking for our Alternative Christmas hampers.

NWTC’s website

Star Blanket Project – Cree-Ations

Blanket Purchase – $2,100

Cree-Ations specializes in handmade Aboriginal Arts and Crafts. They are a locally owned and operated family business who buys most of their furs and hides for their products locally. LITE purchases Cree-Ation’s Star Blankets to donate to other community organizations for use in their fundraising activities.

Cree-Ations Website

Star Blanket Project – Manitoba Buckskin

Blanket Purchase – $2,542

Manitoba Buckskin is a local aboriginal business that makes all natural brain tanned buckskin leather using methods and processes that have been passed down for generations. In addition to offering their own leather and rawhide products, they work in partnership with several First Nations and Métis artists and craftspeople in Winnipeg. They have a wide range of moccasins, mukluks, star blankets, and more.

Manitoba Buckskin website

* Project working only with children and youth
** Project with direct benefits to children and youth